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November 29, 2011

Personal: Florida

Beginning at the beginning of the month...
My parents drove with me during the 1,200 mile trip (21 hours)
We stopped at South of Border (between north carolina and south carolina).

This is my cake: Pumpkin Carrot cake with Maple syrup glaze
It was my first time making thanksgiving dinner and I had absolute no idea how to carve a turkey
And why do they put the neck inside the turkey? Why?

I followed Chris to the driving range, He was awesome, I sucked. Notice there are no photos of me...that is because I missed the ball every time I'd swing. Every. Time.

Fortunately there is Apoxpee park right across the street from me. It's so different going from mountains to swamps...or as they say 'wetlands'. (It's a swamp) But a gorgeous swamp!

November 8, 2011

Maternity: Julia

So I am in the middle of unpacking everything! I moved to West Palm Beach, Florida this weekend and haven't had a chance to work on some photos. But the day before I left, I had to opportunity to photograph Julia and Gabe who are expecting a baby boy this winter! Here is a preview!

November 5, 2011

Newborn: Quinn

I loved this morning. It was after a snowstorm, they didn't have power (except a generator) and baby Quinn was just waking up from his morning nap. Their puppies, Stewie and Sunny, were being so protective of him (except for trying to bury him!).