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Senior Products

This is a guide to help you better understand some products that I offer!

Mini Accordion Books
These come in sets of 3 and are the convenient size of a wallet (2.5 x 3.5).  You can fit up to 13 images in one book (including cover).  They magnet shut.
Come in Metallic and Satin cover finish (Satin cover shown here).

Accordion Book
This is a unique option to display or give away.  4"x8" size can hold up to 25 images (including cover).  It magnets shut.
Comes in Metallic or Satin cover (Metallic shown here).

CDs contain hi-resolution images that you can print from.  Comes in canvas, metallic, satin, and glossy cover (Satin shown here; refer to 'wedding products' to see canvas example).

Foil Stamping
Available for any print size up to 11x14 (Typically used for wallets).  Will be displayed on lower right hand side of your print.  All 3 lines of stamping are customizable.

Your image will be printed on high quality canvas and stretch around a durable wooden frame.

Hanging hardware included

Hard Cover Book
A 6x9 customizable hard cover book is great for displaying a large amount of photographs!  It is typically used to put all of your proofs in one spot!  It can hold up to 40 images, including cover.